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We create strategic alliances of high end luxury brands and match them with HNW families that participate in luxury sports of polo, yacht racing and special events. This offers very exclusive opportunities for the right mix of companies to share clients and build lasting relationships.



Million Air 2014 Super Bowl


From America's Cup International Yacht Racing to the most competitive Polo Clubs in North America, Idea Works is known for creating valuable partnerships.

"Our club changed dramatically from the day we met him. Within a few months of taking on the club he brought in sponsor contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and made our club one of the best known in the U.S.A." - Jesse Pruitt President, Las Colinas Polo Club, Dallas, Texas


Charles Ward with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

"The polo clubs around the country approached us five years ago wondering how to start a successful sponsorship program. We know how to help these sponsors make the right decisions and achieve the maximum benefit from the sponsorship."
- Charles Ward, Founder and Managing Partner of Idea Works


Over the past 13 years, Idea Works has contracted to represent polo clubs in the U.S. and Mexico in designing and obtaining sponsorship programs.


Idea Works has designed programs and partnerships for Lamborghini Dallas and Beverly Hills, Bentley Dallas, Beverly Hills and Houston, Maybach, Graff Diamonds, Hub International/Chubb, Bombardier Business Aircraft, Tiffany & Co., Marsh, KPMG, and many others.


Idea Works represents the front seat view of all the best elements that the world of luxury represents. For us it is all about the people connection, events, venues, and the dramatic lifestyle and quality for life associated with the polo and yachting scenes.